Zooming through the festivities

I have a sad update for you all. Several members of my family have tested positive for covid-19 despite doing their best to dodge the virus in the lead-up to our big family lunch. Oh well, it was bound to happen, wasn’t it? So, instead of risking the rest of us and leaving people out, we’re having everything over zoom! BYO lunch and drinks, and my dad took it upon himself to play santa, so he’s spending Christmas Eve picking up and delivering presents in his hazmat suit so we can all enjoy gifting on the day without anyone putting each other at risk. I’ll await his text, place my presents in a box on the front porch, go back inside and let him collect them. Honestly, it feels like a high stake mission and I’m kind of looking forward to the drama. Later, he’ll be back with my presents, and we’ll do the same steps to exchange. You’ve got to keep things interesting somehow!