Why I write about skincare

I know I’ve mentioned beard and skin care in past blogs, but today I though I’d share a little insight into why I’ve talked about them on a blog dedicated to my family business. You see, running a business is very stressful. All kinds of sleep deprived, early morning, forgot to eat stress.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve had a proper holiday in years. A day off here and there, sure, but whenever I’m not with my family, or in the office, I need to be contactable because of how integrated my role is within the day to day workings of the business. I miss a few days, we could end up with unmanageable delays. So yeah, I don’t really go on holidays.

I’ve done plenty of reading on the subject of skincare and health, and come to the conclusion (or rather, it’s been force-fed to me for my own good), that not having enough time to rest and relax does take a toll on your skin and hair. The stress shows, as I say. But if I can’t take time off, there’s got to be another way to mediate the effects of my own stress. There has to be! I started with vitamins, and making sure my diet was a priority, even if it meant saying no to family pizza day for a salad instead. Breakfast, definitely. I invested in silk sheets, and blackout curtains. A sunrise alarm clock, which brightens as you wake.


Finally I had to face the real problem… my skincare routine. Or rather, lack thereof. I know, I know, it’s terrible! I tried my hardest to avoid actually helping my skin with skincare. I just thought it was going to take me too much time, which I would rather spend absorbing warmth in bed. I know this is a strange complaint, but I also hate water dripping down my arms, especially if it’s into my sleeve, so cleansing has always seemed slightly awful to me and absolutely not worth the hassle. Obviously that’s not the case. But this does set the scene, I need multifunctional skincare products to slap on twice a day to keep me looking pretty, and maybe something for a weekly pampering.

This made my search a little harder, looking for the right ingredients, rather than a product with nice packaging. A little googling on the bus one day, a little Instagram scouring whilst I ate lunch another. I wasn’t going to just buy and a whim for it to either do nothing, or make my skin worse. I ended up looking at niacinamide for skin, because I had read about it being a good ingredient for stressed skin, and that’s a descriptor I can give myself. In a toner form too, or a serum, just to apply and go off and do something else whilst it absorbed. Easy-peasy.

I don’t want to look!

Yes, I got a cleanser too, but with a special silicone brush so the water doesn’t drip on me. It’s very soothing, too, and doesn’t make my skin feel dry when I’m done. Moisturiser’s easy. I found I could do each step in between my usual night time routine. Cleanser, drink of water, toner, get into pjs, serum, brush teeth, moisturiser, bed. Simple.

So that’s why I’ve got a bit more of a skincare focus now. It helps me have more confidence when I walk into work at 6:30am, rather than feeling like a bedraggled witch.