Lawyers That Sue Police Departments

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Lawyers That Sue Police Departments

Lawyers That Sue Police Departments – Have you ever been the victim of law enforcement officer misconduct, including excessive utilization of racial profiling, falsified evidence or confession, bullying or force? Personal injury lawyers and police misconduct solicitors can assist you to fight this injustice. Your lawyers can assist one to file an official charge using the police disciplinary board that is right while helping you file a civil lawsuit from the responsible officer or government agency. With respect to extent of the misconduct and the type of your injuries, you might be eligible for monetary damages.

Conquering After A Police Pursuit

After a police pursuit, a guy brutally beaten by Falmouth and Massachusetts police officers and was pulled from his car. He endured a broken jaw, which required several operations to repair, also as breaks to his ribs and his cheekbone. The Falmouth defendants settled the customer’s claims against them for the full number of their insurance coverage. The Massachusetts State Police paid an additional sum.

Assault With A Flashlight

A Boston police officer hit on a young man in head and the mouth having a police flashlight. The guy was not arrested or charged with any crimes. He crowns to mend the injury to his teeth and desired twelve stitches to close the wound in his head. We negotiated a settlement.

Use Of A Chokehold

A guy was arguing with a different patron in a restaurant. A Chelmsford police officer pulled him to the floor from behind using a chokehold and then put a knee to his neck, causing a non- . The case settled.

Abuse Of A Homeless Man

A seventy-three-year old man was taken into custody by an MBTA police officer. The policeman punched him in the face when the man attempted to read the officer’s badge number. While the guy was in lockup, he was prodded by the policeman with a collapsible baton. No criminal charges were brought against the customer. By denying that they had held the customer, policemen tried to cover up the event. We obtained videotape of the holding cell, which proved that the plaintiff was in detention. We reached a resolution together with the MBTA.

Lawyers That Sue Police Departments

“Bad Apple” Police Officers

Lynn police officers were called to break up a loud party. His friend and the plaintiff was drinking. The officer placed him under arrest. The plaintiff asked to be handcuffed in the front and explained he was recuperating from shoulder surgery. The officer cuffed him and pulled up on the handcuffs, re-separating his shoulder. The jury awarded the plaintiff $58,700 in damages. The total was $112,000., after adding attorneys’ fees covered by the defendant

When he fractured the arm of a woman whose family had phoned the cops for help in getting her medical attention, the same officer was sued by us again. Her arm twisted, leading to a spiral break. The Town of Lynn ultimately settled the case. After the 2nd suit, the policeman was finally fired from the police force.

In a different town, a young man’s arm was grabbed by a police officer and fractured his elbow without any lawful reason to touch him. Our customer wanted four procedures to repair his elbow. He wasn’t arrested or charged with any crimes, as well as a written report about the episode never filed. The town fired the police officer. We negotiated a secret settlement.

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