How Much Does A Patent Lawyer Make Per Year

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How Much Does A Patent Lawyer Make Per Year – Patent attorneys work with clients applying for patents and assist them in the patent application procedure. Patent law tends to be a very well-paying area. This can be partly as the place has requirements that are educational that are demanding, often demanding advanced degrees in engineering or science along with a law degree. Patent attorneys must pass a Patent Bar exam using the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in addition to the state bar examination.

Types of Patent Attorney

Patent attorneys usually work in private law firms, with a few working in solo practices. They may start as patent agents, helping to prepare patent applications. Some patent attorneys may also work in-house for firms that are big. For example, some pharmaceutical companies have their own in house patent team.

How Much Does A Patent Lawyer Make Per Year

How Much Does A Patent Lawyer Make Per Year

Median Wage

This information is founded on a survey of AIPLA members. The AIPLA found that, attorneys, with, private law firms paid, normally, $166,000 a year to patent in 2008 associates in private patent law firms getting an average of $415,000 that year.

Patent Examiners

The USPTO employs individuals to examine patent applications and choose whether the invention is exceptional enough to be eligible for a patent. Some are also lawyers, although most of the patent examiners have a foundation in engineering or science. The wages to get a patent examiner varies with respect to the experience of the examiner and how long she has been working in the patent office. As of 2011, the salary range for a patent examiner was $41,969 to $155,. 500 per year

In-house Work

The capacity for high salaries is less for patent attorneys working within big businesses than for those working with large law firms. It is because high end law firm salaries contain patent attorneys who’ve moved around associate. In-house positions may have other perks, such as stock options and shorter hours. According to a 2007 survey by the AIPLA, the median gross income of an in-house patent lawyer in 2006 was $185,000.

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