How Much Does A Family Lawyer Make

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How Much Does A Family Lawyer Make – A family law attorney’s wages is dependent upon such variables as experience with all the region where he practices and the courts, the law, and her name for negotiating and litigating cases. It’s easy for an attorney specializing in family law to construct a lucrative practice through savvy marketing, legal expertise, and outstanding problem-solving and communication skills.


Many hats are worn by a family law attorney that is successful. He should be adept at understanding the human condition as clients present issues out of every type of life experience, besides mastering the legal side of family law. The lawyer should also run sophisticated financial investigations, like the division of assets and tax liabilities, and thus must possess a powerful foundation in business and forensic accounting, as well as be comfortable using technology, such as legal software programs, for financial computations.

How Much Does A Family Lawyer Make

How Much Does A Family Lawyer Make Per Year

Geographical Region

The area of the state, even the city, where a family law lawyer practice changes her income. Based on the Law Schools website, lawyers in states such as Washington and New York make wages that are higher than those in other states. SalaryExpert analyzes family law attorneys’ wages of city at the time of February 2011 — with those in Manhattan, NYC, earning $138,844; in Phoenix, Ariz., earning $94,360; and in Miami, Fla., earning $104,135.

Average Yearly Wages

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the typical wages of attorneys, by May 2008, was $110,590, with those in the middle making between $74,980 and $163,320. Based Really figures, the national wages tendency for family law lawyers has been steadily rising since October 201o.

Hourly Rates

Similar to salaries, hourly rates vary based on the region, the lawyer’s years of legal expertise experience as well as other factors. In February 2011, PayScale reports that the national average hourly wage for an attorney with less then one year experience is $15.11 to $29.28, one to four years $20.45 to $61.23, five to nine years $34.66 to $101.74, 10-19 years $49.38 to $196.82, and 20 years or more $97.21 to $251.79.

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