Free Child Custody Lawyers For Fathers

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Free Child Custody Lawyers For Fathers

Free child custody lawyers for fathers – Child custody conflicts can be tough at best. Legal proceedings can occasionally drag on for years, affecting your own personal life and finances. A variety of legal resources are offered to parents experiencing custody issues in the state of Tennessee. These systems offer free low cost and, in some cases, legal aid to people facing the demanding and often complicated legal issues associated with getting guardianship through the courts.

Parental Supporter Groups

About the Children (, a parental advocate group serving Tennessee and states throughout the U.S., offers free support for parents fighting to come to agreements on child custody, visitation and issues relating to family law. About the Kids does not advocate for either parent involved in custody battles. Instead, it offers its services to help mediate guardianship problems to help parents agree on terms that best benefit the kid. The Coalition for the Restoration of Parental Rights ( offers no-cost legal services to parents who are fighting for custody or visitation of their very own minor children. The solicitor-based organization is in Indiana, but supplies, services and guidance in the other 49 states as well as Tennessee throughout America.

Free Child Custody Lawyers For Fathers

Legal Aid Endeavors

Legal Aid of East Tennessee ( provides low-cost and, sometimes, free legal services to low-income residents of East Tennessee. Along with supplying free information on Tennessee laws, relating to divorce and ChildCustody, LegalAid of EastTennessee offers referrals to attorneys who will work on a volunteer basis or a sliding scale. The Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services ( additionally offers low cost and at times free legal services for low-income residents in Tennessee. Services offered include workshops concerning child custody and preparing for court, a family law task force plan which advocates for change in laws referring to divorce and child custody and free legal advocacy for parents who feel their rights were broken in court.

Domestic Violence Programs

An Abuse, Rape, and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection ( provides legal referrals and resources for parents and their children that have been victims of domestic violence. The agency offers aid in filing emergency protective orders and getting guardianship. All referrals are offered at no price. West Tennessee Legal Services ( also help moms that have become the victim of domestic violence to legally get guardianship of her children and also to fight for her rights in court. The non-profitOrganization offers o-cost LegalAssistance to amilies throughout WestTennessee who otherwise may not have access to quality legal aid.

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