A Slight Concern About Your Beard

I’m pretty busy trying to keep the family business up and keeping me and my brothers’ heads above water. I’m not complaining I love my brothers and the business but recently for the first time in a long time I got to hang out with one of my old friends and let me tell you I did not realize I needed a break until I actually went on one. It was great we went out and had a nice meal, we went to see a play to try and feel sophisticated and mature then we ended up bailing on the play to go get a couple of drinks at our other friend’s bar. And then she joined us and it ended up turning out like one of those good old girls nights we used to have at the dorms in college. And just like college at some point the drinks got us complaining about our significant others. Here comes the meat of this article.

This is a message to all guys with beards from the ladies who love you. Wash the darn thing. A beard is literally something we have to brush up against every time we go to kiss you. The only thing more important than washing your beard is probably brushing your teeth but if your breath stinks on the daily I’m sorry unless there is a genuine (treatable) medical or dental reason for your breath don’t expect me to kiss you anytime soon. The beard might be worse though as my friend describes it. Her boyfriend’s beard was starting to get funky from time to time and apparently he had been misinformed that washing it was bad. He gave in and started washing it again and now my friend had to deal with a completely different problem. He washed it with regular shampoo and now she was rubbing up against a beard with the delicateness of steel wool or one of those wiry sponges. Guys please educate yourselves on your beard. It’s not your fault but for real buy a beard wash and if your lady still seems apprehensive about your beard then maybe get a beard oil too while you’re at it. The extra effort will not only make the beard look better but also you in the process. As a woman a guy who is active about taking care of himself is downright sexy. And no there is nothing wrong with enjoying this sort of thing. So there hope that helps you guys out and ladies I tried it’s up to the guys now.