A Shark-related Confession

I have something to confess.


I am a long-time lover of squalane (no, that’s not my confession). It’s an incredible moisturiser, and really supports my skin in being supple and smooth. I’ve read that some people find it too intense, but I can’t get enough. Every night! I don’t have time to spell out every single benefit, but you can read about it here.


But I was just doing some research, and came across the fact that squalane can be derived from natural sources, like olive oil, or commonly shark liver!!! They have to kill the shark to harvest the squalane, and the kinds of sharks that are being targeted are endangered. I felt sick to my stomach that I was giving money to the people who do this! It’s absolutely appalling. Sorry, I can can’t get over it. I poured the rest of that bottle down the drain because I couldn’t even look at it. I’m a pretty staunch vegan, and have been for years, if you couldn’t tell. I’ve protested against harvesting shark fins, all the while pouring their liver oils all over my face. Disgusting.

How could you not love these guys??

But with just a day of not using it, I could tell the difference. My skin felt dry, and looked papery. I could just be being dramatic, but I honestly didn’t feel myself. Thankfully there is the option for natural squalane. And I went on a mission to find it. Surprisingly enough, it is in a whole range of different products, mostly moisturisers or oil mixtures, but I didn’t find it that easy to find a pure one. Some store attendants I spoke to didn’t even know what it was! Now I’m not the biggest fan of Amazon either, but I turned to Bezos’ money machine to try and find my replacement. And I found it, thank the heavens. You have to try this squalane oil. It’s by this no frills brand Ellipsis Labs, so you get exactly what they say… No need for bright colours or flowery descriptions. And it’s a bloody miracle. Even better than my old one, I’m sure. I’m glowing!


Unfortunately though I’ve now been so worried that I’ve unwittingly been using other non vegan products! Time to become an expert on ingredients lists… If you have any tips please let me know!