The beginning is always the hardest

Nowadays, it is not enough to have just only one source of income, especially for those who have their own family already. It would be hard for those who just solely rely on their salaries. The best way to earn money is not to seek further employment, but to invest or to have your own business where other people work for you. This can eventually lead to complete financial freedom.

I know we all want a passive income, but not everyone can have that. Sometimes it just takes too much effort, courage, hard work, and patience.

Whenever I talk about business, I always think of my cousin – he owns a start-up company. He is smart, ambitious, skillful, hardworking, and on top of that, a very handsome chap. He is always a lot busier compared to those who are employed. He works 24/7 and I barely see him having a good time with friends. He is so dedicated to his business that he almost has no time to relax and treat himself. That is why when I came to visit him, I brought him his favorite foods along with his favourite beard balm – this is just one of the usual grooming products he uses regularly and I thought it would be nice to bring one to him as it would remind him that despite all his efforts he needs to remember to look after his appearance too!

I know working with a start-up business is really hard and risky, but all your efforts will be paid off once the business becomes successful. Sometimes we just need to sacrifice a little bit just to get what we wish for.

Just like my cousin, I know many of you are wishing for financial freedom. That is really nice but always remember that wealth alone should not be the only measurement of success, it should also include good health and good relationships with your friends and family, and the people that surround you.