Covid Christmas 2021

I think the hardest problem I’m facing this year for Christmas is managing all my family members. With the pandemic still not over, half my family is jaded, apathetic, or simply refusing to let another special holiday be ruined by illness or apprehension. On the other side, we’ve got the worrywarts and health anxious family members who are seriously considering not coming to lunch. No one is ill, no one has had any scares recently, but they’re still nervous. I absolutely understand. Myself, I’m a little on the fence. I want to be careful and considerate, but I also can’t bring myself to accept that I might be stuck at home again. It may just be a case of whoever wants to come comes, and those who stay at home video call in. That is, if no drama ensues. You never know with my family.

Have a Relaxing Christmas Break

There’s been so much stress recently, I knew exactly what to gift my family members. The ultimate spa gift, with face masks, gua sha and jade rollers, Epsom salts, bath bombs, hair masks, candles. You name it. Everyone has a little gift basket with a collection of things to help them to relax. I even got these Christmas Crackers with a duo of face masks to decorate the lunch table, which is just one extra gift, right? No more plastic magnifying glasses or small metal puzzles. I made fabric hats, to be more eco-friendly, seeing as we won’t have traditional crackers, which I’m very proud of. They’re made from thrifted Christmas fabric, with the classic crown shape and a ribbon in the back so they can be adjusted for all head sizes. I myself have a smaller head, and the hats always slip down over my eyes! We can’t have that anymore, I thought. I’m going to do a lucky dip for the hats, hand in a bag situation, but there is a specific one I’m hoping with be left for me to grab. It’s red on one side, with gold reindeer stitched across, like they’re running or flying across your brow. On the other side, because I had to make them double sided, is navy blue with gold and silver stars. You know, the more I think of it, I might just take it for myself first! If you’re coming to my Christmas lunch and are reading this… let me have my fun! I did make them all, after all.

In fact, my whole family is quite crafty. My mother made cross stitch place cards for everyone in the family, all with their own Christmas icon (mine is a bauble). We have handmade table runners, and I know plenty of people will be wearing handmade outfits! We used to wear joke shirts, but at some point we decided to glam up a little bit, and everyone changed tune. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right Christmas outfit that isn’t gaudy, but this family comes through! I was even asked for the pattern last year that I used for my dress. Unfortunately, I had to tell them, I completely winged it. Oh well, it earned me a few extra compliments!

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Well, look at that, I went completely off topic. My apologies readers! I am hoping I will get to see my entire family for our annual lunch, but even if not, I hope my gifts can help provide some relaxation and restoration. If I do say so myself, I thought it was the perfect present idea after a long and stressful year. So if you’re in a pinch and need inspiration, feel free to steal this idea for your own friends and family!