New Family Member

That’s right! Our business has an heir to inherit it all now that my sister and her husband welcomed a little one into the world, named Polly. I’ll have to hand over cutest family member to her, I think I’ll get over it though. It was always our dream to create something to live on for generations, so hopefully Polly has an eye for business!

Why I write about skincare

I know I’ve mentioned beard and skin care in past blogs, but today I though I’d share a little insight into why I’ve talked about them on a blog dedicated to my family business. You see, running a business is very stressful. All kinds of sleep deprived, early morning, forgot to eat stress.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve had a proper holiday in years. A day off here and there, sure, but whenever I’m not with my family, or in the office, I need to be contactable because of how integrated my role is within the day to day workings of the business. I miss a few days, we could end up with unmanageable delays. So yeah, I don’t really go on holidays.

I’ve done plenty of reading on the subject of skincare and health, and come to the conclusion (or rather, it’s been force-fed to me for my own good), that not having enough time to rest and relax does take a toll on your skin and hair. The stress shows, as I say. But if I can’t take time off, there’s got to be another way to mediate the effects of my own stress. There has to be! I started with vitamins, and making sure my diet was a priority, even if it meant saying no to family pizza day for a salad instead. Breakfast, definitely. I invested in silk sheets, and blackout curtains. A sunrise alarm clock, which brightens as you wake.


Finally I had to face the real problem… my skincare routine. Or rather, lack thereof. I know, I know, it’s terrible! I tried my hardest to avoid actually helping my skin with skincare. I just thought it was going to take me too much time, which I would rather spend absorbing warmth in bed. I know this is a strange complaint, but I also hate water dripping down my arms, especially if it’s into my sleeve, so cleansing has always seemed slightly awful to me and absolutely not worth the hassle. Obviously that’s not the case. But this does set the scene, I need multifunctional skincare products to slap on twice a day to keep me looking pretty, and maybe something for a weekly pampering.

This made my search a little harder, looking for the right ingredients, rather than a product with nice packaging. A little googling on the bus one day, a little Instagram scouring whilst I ate lunch another. I wasn’t going to just buy and a whim for it to either do nothing, or make my skin worse. I ended up looking at niacinamide for skin, because I had read about it being a good ingredient for stressed skin, and that’s a descriptor I can give myself. In a toner form too, or a serum, just to apply and go off and do something else whilst it absorbed. Easy-peasy.

I don’t want to look!

Yes, I got a cleanser too, but with a special silicone brush so the water doesn’t drip on me. It’s very soothing, too, and doesn’t make my skin feel dry when I’m done. Moisturiser’s easy. I found I could do each step in between my usual night time routine. Cleanser, drink of water, toner, get into pjs, serum, brush teeth, moisturiser, bed. Simple.

So that’s why I’ve got a bit more of a skincare focus now. It helps me have more confidence when I walk into work at 6:30am, rather than feeling like a bedraggled witch.

A Shark-related Confession

I have something to confess.


I am a long-time lover of squalane (no, that’s not my confession). It’s an incredible moisturiser, and really supports my skin in being supple and smooth. I’ve read that some people find it too intense, but I can’t get enough. Every night! I don’t have time to spell out every single benefit, but you can read about it here.


But I was just doing some research, and came across the fact that squalane can be derived from natural sources, like olive oil, or commonly shark liver!!! They have to kill the shark to harvest the squalane, and the kinds of sharks that are being targeted are endangered. I felt sick to my stomach that I was giving money to the people who do this! It’s absolutely appalling. Sorry, I can can’t get over it. I poured the rest of that bottle down the drain because I couldn’t even look at it. I’m a pretty staunch vegan, and have been for years, if you couldn’t tell. I’ve protested against harvesting shark fins, all the while pouring their liver oils all over my face. Disgusting.

How could you not love these guys??

But with just a day of not using it, I could tell the difference. My skin felt dry, and looked papery. I could just be being dramatic, but I honestly didn’t feel myself. Thankfully there is the option for natural squalane. And I went on a mission to find it. Surprisingly enough, it is in a whole range of different products, mostly moisturisers or oil mixtures, but I didn’t find it that easy to find a pure one. Some store attendants I spoke to didn’t even know what it was! Now I’m not the biggest fan of Amazon either, but I turned to Bezos’ money machine to try and find my replacement. And I found it, thank the heavens. You have to try this squalane oil. It’s by this no frills brand Ellipsis Labs, so you get exactly what they say… No need for bright colours or flowery descriptions. And it’s a bloody miracle. Even better than my old one, I’m sure. I’m glowing!


Unfortunately though I’ve now been so worried that I’ve unwittingly been using other non vegan products! Time to become an expert on ingredients lists… If you have any tips please let me know!


A Slight Concern About Your Beard

I’m pretty busy trying to keep the family business up and keeping me and my brothers’ heads above water. I’m not complaining I love my brothers and the business but recently for the first time in a long time I got to hang out with one of my old friends and let me tell you I did not realize I needed a break until I actually went on one. It was great we went out and had a nice meal, we went to see a play to try and feel sophisticated and mature then we ended up bailing on the play to go get a couple of drinks at our other friend’s bar. And then she joined us and it ended up turning out like one of those good old girls nights we used to have at the dorms in college. And just like college at some point the drinks got us complaining about our significant others. Here comes the meat of this article.

This is a message to all guys with beards from the ladies who love you. Wash the darn thing. A beard is literally something we have to brush up against every time we go to kiss you. The only thing more important than washing your beard is probably brushing your teeth but if your breath stinks on the daily I’m sorry unless there is a genuine (treatable) medical or dental reason for your breath don’t expect me to kiss you anytime soon. The beard might be worse though as my friend describes it. Her boyfriend’s beard was starting to get funky from time to time and apparently he had been misinformed that washing it was bad. He gave in and started washing it again and now my friend had to deal with a completely different problem. He washed it with regular shampoo and now she was rubbing up against a beard with the delicateness of steel wool or one of those wiry sponges. Guys please educate yourselves on your beard. It’s not your fault but for real buy a beard wash and if your lady still seems apprehensive about your beard then maybe get a beard oil too while you’re at it. The extra effort will not only make the beard look better but also you in the process. As a woman a guy who is active about taking care of himself is downright sexy. And no there is nothing wrong with enjoying this sort of thing. So there hope that helps you guys out and ladies I tried it’s up to the guys now.

Just A Little Update!

Things are starting to get a little crazy trying to manage the business. Unsurprisingly not everything always goes according to plan, but we’re still doing alright just a few little hiccups here and there nothing to be worried about. The next article should be up relatively soon if everything is willing to cooperate. Even if things don’t cooperate I’ll do my best to get that article up as quickly as possible so stay tuned!

Starting a business selling men’s grooming products

You’re looking to start a business centered around men’s grooming. You’ve got the drive, the resources, and the killer product ready to take the market by storm. Maybe you’ve got the next best Augengel to revolutionize the eye gel industry or something like that. But that’s easier said than done, well fear not since we’ll be going over a few tips to getting that business off the ground and reaching for the skies.

    • Get an outside perspective

It’s easy to fall into the grandiose idea of starting a company and becoming a leading brand with endless resources at your disposal. But you’ve got to do a little research first otherwise you’ll never have a shot at that dream of yours. You’ve got to test the market to see if your ideas actually have any merit. Try getting opinions from loved ones first and then expand outwards to friends and acquaintances you trust. Now the fear of ideas leaking and getting ripped off is there but just be careful not to reveal too much of your process or product and you should be golden. Basically figure out if it’s something people will want to pay for immediately or if perhaps you’ll need to do a little advocating in order to change some mindsets.

  • Test things out

Now you’ve talked to people about the product you’ve got right? Now it’s time to see if your product is any good. Make a batch for friends and family members to try and get their feedback on it. You might have to ask them to be brutally honest with you in regards to your products because if they aren’t I guarantee that buyers will be. If you get any criticisms that you feel make sense then feel free to either mess around with your products or come up with an alternative if they’re finding an issue with something explicitly subjective.

  • Don’t expect the perfect launch

If this isn’t your first business you know this tip well enough. But for those of you for whom this will be a brand new experience let’s just make this clear “things are going to screw up at some point”. Of course you should plan ahead and try to avoid screw ups but know that even with all the planning in the world there is still a very real chance that things will run into obstacles. Which leads to our last general tip—

  • Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

As funny as this meme is it’s the perfect attitude to have when starting this new business. You’ve got to focus on survival in these early stages. You need to think on your feet and change your approach as it becomes necessary. For many many MANY successful businesses the early hiccups would often lead them to trying things out that would later define the success they now enjoy.

Good luck with your business. Oh and make sure this isn’t all the research you’re doing because this is a nice jumping off point but by no means all inclusive.

Attention to my die-hard fans

Starting a family business is tough – But who would have thought that writing a blog about one could be just as hard too!

I’m sorry for my lack of speed of late – Lots has been going on in my personal life recently.

I’m hoping to get myself back on the right path before too long though, so please brace yourselves for more (hopefully good) articles.

Having Your Own Business Is Not Easy

Having a business can be a great source of passive income. It provides business owners with the financial freedom that so many people long for. A high amount of businesses are family-owned or family-run. I’m not too sure why this is, but perhaps some think it will be easier because you will be working with the members of your own family.

For me, it is not that easy. Each member should act professionally while cultivating the bond and the good relationship they have. There are some who find it quite a challenging thing to do especially if the members are having personal or family problems. Also, all of them are involved and affected so it can greatly impact the day-to-day operation of the business.

They say having your own business is great as you have other people who work for you and help share the load. I don’t 100% agree with this. I believe in any business, the owner plays the biggest role in that he is more often than not the brain of the business. In other words, the key decisions will still be made by him – the business is in his hands.

Although business owners are constantly prone to stress, depression and other problems that give them headaches, wrinkles and other ailments, the best business owners are those that still somehow find the time to relax their mind and body and pamper their skin to keep it looking fresh.

I know someone who owns a business – she is 50 years old but she still looks young and fresh. I asked her how she keeps her appearance despite her busy day-to-day schedule. Luckily she indulged me in a little secret – she showed me a bottle of sérum vitamine c and told me it is her top tip for younger looking skin as it has many anti-aging benefits and it protects the skin from sun damage.

If you go out and do some research about this serum, I am sure, just like me, you will be amazed by the benefits that you can get from it. I’ve already incorporated this product into my beauty regime and it never fails to amaze me every time I use it. Try it and experience the greatness of this serum!

Stopping By…

I’m just stopping by to say Hello and sorry that I won’t be able to post any new articles this week.

I promise to make up for it next time with a super awesome piece.

In the meantime, please take a look at the pieces that are already up! I think they’re rather good. What do you think?

The beginning is always the hardest

Nowadays, it is not enough to have just only one source of income, especially for those who have their own family already. It would be hard for those who just solely rely on their salaries. The best way to earn money is not to seek further employment, but to invest or to have your own business where other people work for you. This can eventually lead to complete financial freedom.

I know we all want a passive income, but not everyone can have that. Sometimes it just takes too much effort, courage, hard work, and patience.

Whenever I talk about business, I always think of my cousin – he owns a start-up company. He is smart, ambitious, skillful, hardworking, and on top of that, a very handsome chap. He is always a lot busier compared to those who are employed. He works 24/7 and I barely see him having a good time with friends. He is so dedicated to his business that he almost has no time to relax and treat himself. That is why when I came to visit him, I brought him his favorite foods along with his favourite beard balm – this is just one of the usual grooming products he uses regularly and I thought it would be nice to bring one to him as it would remind him that despite all his efforts he needs to remember to look after his appearance too!

I know working with a start-up business is really hard and risky, but all your efforts will be paid off once the business becomes successful. Sometimes we just need to sacrifice a little bit just to get what we wish for.

Just like my cousin, I know many of you are wishing for financial freedom. That is really nice but always remember that wealth alone should not be the only measurement of success, it should also include good health and good relationships with your friends and family, and the people that surround you.